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Version History

23 Oct 2009 - Version 2.6 (build 123)
  • CHANGE: Code revised for compatibility with Windows 7.
14 Dec 2008 - Version 2.6 (build 100)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed thread synchronization routine. No more crash on fast connections when many concurrent uploads are in process.
04 Oct 2007 - Version 2.5 (build 82)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed some visual problems of Profile Edit dialog when Large Fonts are set in Windows.
22 May 2007 - Version 2.5 (build 77)
  • FEATURE: Added workaround for some FTP servers that suddenly drops connection after QUIT command without reply.
  • CHANGE: Added some advanced diagnostic for Dialup Connections.
10 Sep 2006 - Version 2.5 (build 71)
  • CHANGE: The ProfileProperties dialog window is now resizable.
  • BUGFIX: The window activation order is corrected to avoid hiding dialog windows while switching between applications.
19 Aug 2006 - Version 2.5 (build 70)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed wrong bahavior of inplace editor in Profiles View and Profile Properties.
  • BUGFIX: Profiles are now correctly sorted alphabetically.
26 Aug 2005 - Version 2.5 (build 67)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed problem with parsing directory listing that has items with two or more consecutive spaces in name.
  • BUGFIX: Profile Properties dialog never saved manually selected TimeBias value. Fixed!
16 May 2005 - Version 2.5 (build 66)
  • BUGFIX: The trasnfer mode set in Associations tab can be reseted to default value on program exit. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: When FilesPreview is opened the program hides from Alt+TAB sequence. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Added workaround for zero sized files that could be a result of unsuccessful upload.
  • CHANGE: The program update notification message was changed to clearly indicate the availability of new version.
  • CHANGE: Some mixed shortcut Alt keys was corrected.
09 Nov 2004 - Version 2.5 (build 65)
  • BUGFIX: In some conditions the program started to upload all files due to wrong timestamp assignment for remote files. Fixed!
26 Sep 2004 - Version 2.5 (build 64)
  • BUGFIX: Problem with incorrect Socks version assignment at the open connection stage. This may cause connection problem with Socks v4 servers. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Some improvement of error handling at connection and file transfer stages.
  • CHANGE: Now when you connect through proxy or socks server the Timeout value will be ignored on long time operations.
06 Jun 2004 - Version 2.5 (build 63)
  • FEATURE: The Max Connections parameter is added to the profile properties. Now you can specify number of concurrent sessions on per profile basis. Global max. sessions number can be also controlled by .ini parameter as well.
  • CHANGE: If you start several profiles sync all files transfers will be performed simultaneously depending on Max Connections parameter of profiles.
  • BUGFIX: Minor bugfix...
30 May 2004 - Version 2.5 (build 62)
  • BUGFIX: Sometimes program tried to upload files right after downloading. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Resources compression caused AV when user switch GUI languages. Fixed!
27 May 2004 - Version 2.5 (build 61)
  • BUGFIX: Access Violation error on profile creation. Fixed!
26 May 2004 - Version 2.5 (build 60)
  • FEATURE: New Additional Actions allows you to execute external command/application Before and After synchronization. See the Profile Properties.
  • CHANGE: Useless elements of GUI was removed.
  • CHANGE: The procedure of comaprison and detecting remote host Time Bias was improved.
  • BUGFIX: Minor bugfix.
12 May 2004 - Version 2.4 (build 59)
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect assignment of the "If not exists..." ActionRules in some conditions. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: The error "500 ESocketException: tcp is the only protocol supported thru socks server" when connecting through Socks servers. Fixed!
25 Apr 2004 - Version 2.4 (build 58)
  • BUGFIX: The Error "WSocketResolveProto: Cannot convert protocol 'tcp' #11004" is fixed now!
20 Apr 2004 - Version 2.4 (build 57)
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect Timestamp assignment to the local file after downloading. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Sometimes program was unable to delete remote file with causing AV or program freeze. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Multiple AV Exceptions after profile Stop operation. Fixed!
  • FEATURE: Now program checks if file actually exists after failed deletion.
10 Apr 2004 - Version 2.4 (build 56)
  • BUGFIX: The usage of timezone offset was incorrect for some regions. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Annoying AV exception at profile saving. Fixed!
  • FEATURE: Now Site Publisher performs integrity check before reading profile data to avoid loading damaged profiles.
  • CHANGE: The TimeBias is now calculated as an offset in minutes from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • CHANGE: All local files timestamps are now converted to Coordinated Universal Time UTC.
18 Feb 2004 - Version 2.3 (build 55)
  • BUGFIX: Some useless downloading of old files may taken place after previous update. Fixed!
15 Jan 2004 - Version 2.3 (build 54)
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect interpretation of Unix-style directory listing for files that are about six months old. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Corrected problem with Daylight Savings, that may cause useless uploading of unchanged files.
  • CHANGE: Now the program normalize TimeBias by using UTC offset to avoid problem with TimeZone changing.
08 Oct 2003 - Version 2.2 (build 53)
  • BUGFIX: Concurrent sessions conflict on a high-speed Inet connection. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect remote folder select by using browse dialog. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Now Site Publisher follows the Unix soft links to directories.
27 Apr 2003 - Version 2.2 (build 52)
  • BUGFIX: Problem with parsing directory listing of some FTP servers. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: AV Exception after the Files Preview window closing. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Minor improvements in GUI and performance.
23 Feb 2003 - Version 2.2 (build 51)
  • FEATURE: Added new parameter for tuning Safe Transfers handling. Now you can specify your own template for temporary file name created on server. It's helpful in ASP .NET environment to avoid compiling files during upload (thanks to Miguel Gimenez for the problem report).
  • FEATURE: New item "Autocheck for Updates" was added in "Help" menu. Now you can disable automatic update notification feature if you wish to track our updates manually.
  • CHANGE: The temporary file name, used to detect time difference was changed to be acceptable by all servers (some servers rejects .tmp files).
28 Jan 2003 - Version 2.2 (build 50)
Maintenance build - updating language files.
14 Jan 2003 - Version 2.2 (build 49)
  • BUGFIX: Visual bug in the queue window. Window forget to repaint itself after the session state was changed. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: In the Ignoring List Editor: When user clicks on Ok button program does not accept changes in a edited record. Fixed!
  • FEATURE: New translations added to Languages section
23 Dec 2002 - Version 2.2 (build 48)
Maintenance build - changing trial limitations.
15 Dec 2002 - Version 2.2 (build 47)
  • BUGFIX: Scheduler operation may cause an AV after upgrading to build 46. Fixed!
05 Dec 2002 - Version 2.2 (build 46)
  • BUGFIX: If you delete a profile it's associated scheduler tasks still appears in scheduler. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Resolved compatibility issue in Safe Uploads mode. Some FTP servers does not allows $ character in file names. The default temporary file name was corrected.
  • CHANGE: Now Site Publisher saves the last cursor position in the Profiles view.
26 Nov 2002 - Version 2.2 (build 45)
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect behavior: If you put some non-empty folder into Ignoring List and run Sync, some items below ignored folder may be affected. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Now Site Publisher correctly handles situation when the local folder became temporarily unavailable (for example, due to LAN disconnection or disk removing).
  • BUGFIX: The Maxmimized state of the main window sometimes cannot be restored. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: AV error on startup caused by damaged queue.bin file. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Changed the default layout/size of the program windows. Now it depends on current desktop settings.
15 Nov 2002 - Version 2.2 (build 40)
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect attributes parsing with some servers. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Resolved compatiblity issue with dir listing format of some servers.
  • BUGFIX: Program stops responding after the LIST command send to server in passive mode. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: The languages list is now alphabetically sorted.
07 Nov 2002 - Version 2.2 (build 37)
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect applying of Ignore List items with exact path to remote folders. Fixed!
  • CHANGE: Changed the FTP commands execution order for better perfomance.
  • CHANGE: Some GUI optimization for higher refresh speed.
18 Sep 2002 - Version 2.1 (build 33)
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect behavior of -x command-line switch used with -s switch. Sometimes the sync process had paused immediately and program stopped execution without any action. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Confirmation message locks program when multiple profiles are running at the same time. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Another problem with applying IgnoringList item with absolute path is fixed.
17 Jul 2002 - Version 2.1 (build 32)
  • CHANGE: Now Site Publisher accepts relative and default paths for the Remote Folder parameter. The previous version can only work with absolute paths.
02 Jul 2002 - Version 2.1 (build 31)
  • BUGFIX: The Ignoring List control sometimes prevent user to make modifications of the records with AV error. Fixed!
  • BUGFIX: Major problem: When user opens more than one DUN or VPN connections at the same time SP fails execution with AV error. Fixed! Special thanks to Alexander Kleymenov for help with reproducing this problem!
  • BUGFIX: Fixed problem with incorrect item order in Transfer Queue. This potentially may cause a transfer problem. Fixed!
20 Jun 2002 - Version 2.1 (build 30)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed problem with confirmation dialogs that hides behind the main program window when you activate application by a TaskBar button.
  • BUGFIX: AV problem in the Ignoring List editor.
  • BUGFIX: "Index out of bounds..." problem in the Ignoring List editor.
  • CHANGE: Added valid code 211 for QUIT command. This is workaround of BlackMoon FTP server bug (wrong return code).
  • CHANGE: Now you can use DEL key to delete items in Profiles, Associations, Schduled Task views and also in the Ignoring List editor.
23 May 2002 - Version 2.1 (build 29)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed problem with Browsing FTP sites on some servers.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed comparison of files that are more than one year old. Such files has inaccurate time of creation and can be wrongly considered older than local copy.
3 May 2002 - Version 2.1 (build 28)
Maintenance build - resolving security problems with blacklisted activation codes.
3 May 2002 - Version 2.1 (build 27)
  • BUGFIX: If the 'If_Remote_File_Is_Newer_Than_Local' parameter is set to 'Download_Files' the remote files sometimes never were downloaded. Fixed, but it's required that 'If_Local_Fil_Is_Newer_Than_Remote' parameter should be set to 'Do Nothing' to avoid conflicts.
  • BUGFIX: If Action Rules is set to only Upload files there was a situation when Site Publisher tried to upload files that no longer exsists. Fixed!
1 May 2002 - Version 2.1 (build 26)
  • FEATURE: Added the 'Autostart with Windows' function to Scheduler menu.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed minor visual bugs.
18 Apr 2002 - Version 2.1 (build 25)
  • CHANGE: Improved 'Duplicate Profile' feature. Now duplicated profile marks with additional 'Copy -' string.
  • CHANGE: Now the 'Command/Login Retries' and 'Delay between Retries' parameters are applying to all time-consuming operations.
  • FEATURE: Added internal Task Scheduler to help you with regular synchronizations.
  • FEATURE: Added the 'Import from SitePublisher v1.x ...' function to convert your old Job files to use it with SitePublisher v2.
  • FEATURE: Added possibility to change the default Data Path that is used to store Profiles, Logs etc. Warning! It's for advanced users only (see the FAQ section)!
  • BUGFIX: Language applying problem fixed.
  • BUGFIX: Some AV bugs in the files transfer section and in speed optimization procedures.
06 Apr 2002 - Version 2.0 (build 24)
  • FEATURE: Added 'Duplicate Profile' operation to the profiles list right-click menu.
  • BUGFIX: AV error in the Profile Properties dialog when operate parameter via ComboBox.
  • BUGFIX: Another AV error randomly appeared in the Profile Properties when operating RemoteFolder, LocalFolder and PortNumber parameters.
  • BUGFIX: The new Profile can not be renamed. SP hangs with AV error when you attempt to rename just created Profile.
02 Apr 2002 - Version 2.0 (build 23)
  • BUGFIX: Sometimes the Ignoring List entry was applied only to Local directory. Fixed!
  • FEATURE: Updated program documentation and Help file.
  • CHANGE: The embeded HTML help control was removed from the Profile Properties dialog.
  • CHANGE: We increased size of the Profile Properties dialog to make it possible to translate it to any language.
21 Mar 2002 - Version 2.0 (build 22)
  • FEATURE: Added alternative activation method (from .reg file). Use this method if you run Site Publisher under different User Accounts or under System Account.
09 Mar 2002 - Version 2.0 (build 21)
  • BUGFIX: Visual bug in the IgnoringList Editor window on LargeFonts desktop.
  • BUGFIX: Sometimes files from the root was uploaded into the subfolder due to incorrect path translation with some hosting providers. Fixed!
04 Mar 2002 - Version 2.0 (build 19)
  • BUGFIX: Visual bug in the FilesPreview window on LargeFonts desktop.
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect file path indicated in the Log files.
03 Mar 2002 - Version 2.0 (build 18)
  • BUGFIX: In the ProfileProperties dialog: The last edited field never accepts the new value when you press Ok button. Fixed!
01 Mar 2002 - Version 2.0 (build 17)
  • FEATURE: Multilingul GUI. Thanks to for the help in making Site Publisher multilingual.
  • FEATURE: Now you can Rename your Profiles as you want.
  • FEATURE: Special field in the Profiles grid that indicates the last successful Synchronizing time.
  • FEATURE: New -x command-line switch. This switch instructs the Site Publisher to terminate after all Profiles finish sync. action.
  • BUGFIX: Sometimes the status of the profiles haven't been set to 'Idle' at the program start.
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect applying the IgnoringList when RemoteFolder is set to the path, different than server root.
23 Jan 2002 - Version 2.0 (build 16)
  • CHANGE: Improved toolbars re-paint operation.
  • CHANGE: Improved autofilling in Profile Editing/Creating dialog
  • BUGFIX: Sometimes program stop responding after the transfers was added into the Queue.
  • BUGFIX: Hidden mode cause problem with starting profile from command-line.
17 Jan 2002 - Version 2.0 (build 15)
  • CHANGE: Improved scheduler support program sproxy.exe
  • CHANGE: Corrected some dialog messages.
  • BUGFIX: Another problem with indicating correct file operation in files Queue.
  • BUGFIX: Problem with re-detecting Time Bias after reseting profile.
09 Jan 2002 - Version 2.0 (build 14)
  • FEATURE: Browse FTP dialog. Allow you to browse FTP server directories like a local folders.
  • BUGFIX: AV exception when calling About dialog.
  • BUGFIX: Problem with setting File Actions and Translate Names parameters.
  • BUGFIX: Error message "Privileged instruction" appaers in registered version.
  • BUGFIX: Sometimes files that should be deleted appears in Queue as a files for uploading or vice versa. This also caused multiple repeated errors in the Queue.
  • BUGFIX: Confirmation dialogs sometimes appeared behind the main window.
31 Dec 2001 - Version 2.0 (build 13)
Maintenance build - adding copy protection and registration procedures.
24 Dec 2001 - Version 2.0 (build 12)
  • FEATURE: New Ignoring List editor with Drag-n-Drop support.
  • BUGFIX: Site Publisher does not re-detect Time Bias if Cache status has been changed.
  • BUGFIX: Program randomly locks then user press Stop button.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed error handling in Scan operation.
  • BUGFIX: Sometimes files or folders ignored by IgnoringList apperes in the Preview window or in Queue. Fixed!
07 Dec 2001 - Version 2.0 (build 11)
  • FEATURE: New more comfortable Creating New profile Dialog.
  • CHANGE: Inconvenient and useless Profile Wizard was removed from programm.
  • CHANGE: Major code optimization. New executable works faster and has much less size.
  • CHANGE: some corrections in the online help.
  • BUGFIX: All visual and operational problems has been fixed in the Profile Properties dialog.
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect the New Profile Wizard start if there was no profiles configured.
  • BUGFIX: Multiple main Window randomly appers on the screen when you restore program from SystemTray.
  • BUGFIX: Visual bug in the Files Preview with Large Font disply settings.
02 Dec 2001 - Version 2.0 (build 10)
  • FEATURE: Command-line parameters handling. Warning new cmd-line parameters set was changed since version 2.x.
  • FEATURE: Saving Preview window postion, toolbar and splitters between work sessions.
  • FEATURE: Added Speed Indicator for Active queue items and Overall Speed for a Profiles.
  • CHANGE: Some improvement in Main window update procedures.
  • CHANGE: Improved AutoUpdate function. It become much less annoying.
  • CHANGE: Now when you delete a Profile the appropriate log file will be also deleted.
29 Nov 2001 - Version 2.0 (build 9)
  • BUGFIX: AV exception in the Profile Property editors fixed.
  • BUGFIX: Quene item uneccessary lock has been removed.
  • BUGFIX: Small memory leak in a Profile Property editor.
  • FEATURE: Now installer shows warnning if previous copy of Site Publisher is running.
  • CHANGE: Minor changes in GUI. Some menu items has been re-ordered.
28 Nov 2001 - Version 2.0 (build 8)
Maintenance build - resolving Windows NT/XP security problems.
26 Nov 2001 - Version 2.0 (build 7)
  • BUGFIX: Site Publisher does not recognize file changes withing a work session after first complete scan of local directory.
  • FEATURE: Added small Online Help file (draft).
  • FEATURE: Added full Install/Uninstall support for all Site Publisher data.
  • CHANGE: Now Site Publisher minimizes GUI window to the SystemTray by default. The appropriate parameter added to the INI file.
24 Nov 2001 - Version 2.0 (build 6)
  • BUGFIX: Another problem with duplicate transfer in the next Synchronize session.
  • FEATURE: Log View function for the Profile Log.
  • FEATURE: New Popup menu in Profile viewer.
  • FEATURE: Now Site Publisher saves Files Preview window position and size between work sessions.
  • CHANGE: Automatic Upadte Checker now reports error if Update Server is unavailable
  • CHANGE: About dialog partly re-designed.
21 Nov 2001 - Version 2.0 (build 5)
  • BUGFIX: Unnecessary call for profile Stop procedure when program shutdown.
  • BUGFIX: When you start Synchronize second time in one session SP trying to transfer some files once more.
  • BUGFIX: Profile Creation Wizard does not allow browsing remote directories on some FTP servers.
  • CHANGE: Profile Wizard now call Profile Properties when you need to adjust specific parameters.
  • CHANGE: Some text messages of Profile Wizard has been changed.
19 Nov 2001 - Version 2.0 (build 4)
  • BUGFIX: Setting binary mode did not work with certain Associations.
  • BUGFIX: Avoid sessions start if there is no items available in Queue.
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect profile shutdown when all files has been transferred.
  • BUGFIX: Problem with applying the Ignoring List to the recently created profile.
  • FEATURE: Automatic Technical Problem Report creation function. Can use MAPI to send help request by using your default mail client.
  • FEATURE: Automatic Updates Checker added. Now it's very easy to be informed about Site Publisher updates.
14 Nov 2001 - Version 2.0 (build 1) ALPHA 1
Initial release!

To see Version History of the old Site Publisher v1.x please Click here.

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