Keep your web site always up-to-date with Site Publisher!
Keep your web site always up-to-date with Site Publisher!



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Latest version 2.6.125 (01-Nov-2009)

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One click Update! The Site Publisher supports multiple site management and provides you with the best way to keep your mirrors synchronized. Information on each mirror and its settings are stored in separate Profile files, so you can update your site mirrors simultaneously with no problems or conflicts. Site Publisher also provides you with the Prfile Property Editor that helps you set up your Profiles. You can easily tune the Site Publisher to work with your site within a minute - just click the New Profile button and follow the Profile Creation instructions. After that the updating your site will be one click operation! In fact, the Site Publisher makes life much easier and lets many web designers (even home users making personal sites) be much more productive and creative with maintaining their sites.

Quick Start

  1. First of all it is necessary to prepare files, which you suppose to publish in the Web. We recommend you to prepare a special separate folder on your local disk, which we shall synchronize with the directory on your web-server.

    Further you need to make sure that all the site files do not contain erroneous references and all links of pages, graphics etc. are kept.

  2. To let Site Publisher work with your site you need to create working Profile. Run Site Publisher and press Ctrl+N - the New Profile Creation dialog will appear on the screen. The main element of this dialogue is the Parameters Tree, using which you can edit any Profile properties. By default only required parameters are displayed (highlighted by red color). Without setting those parameters the normal work of the Profile is impossible.

    After all the required parameters are set press OK to complete Profile creation. You can always return to editing Profile properties by selecting it in the Profile list and pressing Ctrl+E.

  3. Once you have created a new Profile for your site you need to make sure it works properly. For this purpose Site Publisher has a special built-in function of Files Preview allowing you to see the result of files comparing before the site contents will be actually changed. It start automatically when you finalize your Profile creation.

  4. Now you are ready to Synchronize your Profile. To start it you should select the necessary Profile in the list and press Ctrl+S. The program will start to analyze the files within your local and server directories and on the basis of Action Rules it will make a conclusion what to do with these or those files/folders. Then Site Publisher will build a queue of operations on files and run multisession processing of this queue. The multisession processing allows you to perform operations on several files simultaneously.

    During the Synchronization process Site Publisher will automatically create all necessary folders, upload updated files, set necessary file permissions (for Unix). Site Publisher uses a specially developed technology called Safe Transfers™ for guaranteed and safe transferring of your files.

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