Searching for an easy way to upload files to your web site?

Site Publisher: Cleck here to see more screenshots! The solution is here! We designed special utility to simplify work with remote and local files of your web site.

Anyone involved in site development and maintenance has faced the problem of tracking updated/modified files that need to be uploaded to the server, or files that need to be removed since you don't need them anymore. It's not easy task if you have about 20 htmls/files, but it's becoming completely impossible if you have more than 100 files!

The question is: "Is it possible to make the site owner's life easier and automate the process of updating pages and files?" We say "YES!" The life becomes much easier with our Site Publisher - a friendly FTP client developed specially to meet webmaster's and site owner's needs. This program allows you to detect modified files automatically and upload them to your web-server automatically with just a single click.

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